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R&D I Design & Engineering I Manufacturing I Shared Infrastructure

Leadership Strengths


Capital Partner Strengths


  • Strong experience of building and Access to Capital scaling business, including tower and tower & non-tower businesses

  • Established global reach in 75 countries in the field of Telecom, Energy I IT I Cyber

  • Accumulated Experience of 100+ years from top leadership

  • Total Cost of ownership implementation for balance the ROI for long term investments and create portfolio to fund itself after ROI.


Deep Domain Knowledge & Access to Capital

  • Profound understanding of the tower and allied sectors and market dynamics and trends, its challenges and opportunities in India and more than 75 countries right from the CAPEX Investment Manufacturers and Zero based costing.

  • Established and proven MNO relationships in emerging markets including India

  • Significant access to capital pools- Family Offices, DFI’s & Infrastructure funds etc


Seasoned Telecom & Towers, Energy & IT Investors

  • Currently Samkai & SingCorp has managed over $900 Mn in equity & Debt from a range of institutional investors to finance multiple projects.

  • Samkai has been extensively engaged in Market Research, Due Diligence in various domains with an extensive exposure to various investment policies which give access to used latest cases advising to even on G2G basis to support business ecosystem.


Aggressive Tower, Energy & IT I Cyber Company Growth

  • Organic growth and MNA combination had been the reason of aggressive growth in the portfolio by bridging the investments of long term with low interest rates.

  • Over the Course of Capital Partner investment has worked on pro-active approach to do consolidation of small portfolios as well with asset and revenue backed model. 

What’s the opportunity in
India ?

Organic Growth & Consolidation of Assets

  1. Standard Indoor Building – DAS

  2. Standard Indoor Small Cells & Repeaters

  3. Large Building Active MIMO

  4. Underground Active MIMO Repeaters

  5. Outdoor Macro Towers, Camouflage, Cell on Wheels

  6. Outdoor Small Cells, Smart Street Furnitures

  7. FTTx + IBS, FTTT & FTTx

  8. ESCO & RESCO for existing sites to reduce carbon emission

Objective/ Purpose

  • Market Research

  • Global Scenario

  • Effect of Pandemic

  • Balance curve for Growth

  • Iron Wall Acquisitions

  • Flexi-Equity Investments (26%, 51% & 100%)

  • Asset Health Check

  • Present Market Value of Asset

  • Asset Scalability for future technological requirements 

  • Scope of additional revenue on assets available for acquisitions

  • Legal Compliances

  • Governance Ecosystem

  • Health of Books of Accounts

  • Debts

DD & Consolidation


  • IRR

  • Long Term Revenue Contracts with Class A Customers and MSA

  • Assets with Life

  • Minimum OPEX

  • Minimum Mid Term CAPEX Replacements

  • On boarding possibility of allied services

Final Selection Criterion

  • HoldCo. & Access OperCo.

  • Neutral Host Operating Companies

  • DC Hybrid Energy & Renewable as Service

  • IoT Shared Infra & Applications

  • Cyber Security as Service

Invest in

What’s there for the Investor ? Equity Partnership

  1. Small to Large Portfolio Acquisition to become largest Neutral Host Provider in the Country

  2. New Rollout to capture the market and meet high demands of the market with the introduction of 5G and future technologies 

  3. Investment in Holding Company and Acquiring Assets in multiple operating companies under various specific domains to obtain maximum market value at the time of exit

  4. Flexibility to Participate in type of business interested in.

Partnership Model

Astil HoneyComb

Governance &
Execution for next 5 years

Astil HoneyComb

Intelligently plan the RIGHT growth story (Organic & inorganic)

Astil HoneyComb

Effective Leadership Team

Astil HoneyComb

Seed Capital From Founders

For inorganic transactions

Financial Capital

Fund raising
(Mix of equity & Debt)

Smart & Tough

Spotting Value for
Inorganic deals
(Low EBIDTA Multipliers)

Smart & Tough

For organic entry & market building

Smart Structuring
(Mix of low equity,
Project finance & vendor financing)

Spotting markets
& creating
(With Regulators)


Obtaining Licenses
(Through Govt. Process)

Total Cost of
Ownership with
perfect blend of Capex
Minimized Long Term
(Our core competence)

Acquiring & Operating Companies for Investment Partners